2015 Mini Trims 

The Mini is in a class of its own. No other vehicle even comes close to doing what the Mini does. It is smaller and more efficient almost anything on Edmonton roads. And those that try and compete? They get blown away by the Mini’s raw power and ingenious engineering. Physically, there’s nothing like it. When you see a mini, you can’t help but turn your head and look on in admiration. It’s a vehicle that personifies style. A vehicle that personifies versatility.

Mini offers 5 dynamic models all of which have features that provide a very specific driving experience, all while being true to its name. Each trim is exciting and highly functional. Despite some more radical changes, it never forgets where it comes from. A mini will always be a mini, through and through. But which Mini is right for you? Let’s find out. 

Hatch – $22,240 MSRP

This is the base model Mini, and let me tell you, it is still something fantastic. Available in the Mini 3-door, two on either side and one at the back hatch, the 5-door, which is like a compact version of a sedan, and of course, the Mini Convertible in Edmonton, which is a soft-top that folds into the rear hatch to provide quick and easy access to the open air. The mini is a vehicle built for top down driving, which its high horsepower and performance to the interior features. The Mini comes with great audio features. Bluetooth and iPhone connectivity, and a touchscreen navigation system. Easily adjustable seating with built in position memory, to really personalize your drive. The 2015 Mini Hatch is quite the vehicle, and we’re just getting started. 


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Clubman -$24,950 MSRP
The clubman takes everything the Hatch has developed and expands on it. Literally. The 2015 MINI Clubman is a spacious and comfortable trim. Built with a lounge like cabin. Combine that with the iconic dashboard, and it’s near infinite amount of interior customization. The Clubman offers just a peak of what the 2015 MINI is capable of. 

Countryman – $29,950
The rugged bigger brother among the MINI trims. A taller, stronger build, that is more capable. It’s a push in style as well as in the performance department. The Unique low boot design provides more confidence and control on sharp turns. The 2015 Mini Countryman in Edmonton uses a large air intake to give it a little extra boost and extra warning for vehicles around it. This thing can take off at a moment’s notice. It’s the MINI trim that can handle anything.



Roadster - $31,650
The Roadster is a step up in the looks department. The 2015 MINI Roadster takes the general build of the Mini. It combines a striking physique with an intelligent design to craft a subtle but powerful visual shift in design. A low sweeping silhouette that is held firmly by an athletic waistline. Sport stripes along the side angle along towards the back end which proudly boasts a bold Roadster badge. If the performance boost isn’t obvious from the sporty design, the powerful exhaust is a dead giveaway.

PACEMAN – $31,200
The 2015 MINI Paceman takes everything that comes before, cherry picks the very best features and technology and wraps it in a beautifully athletic body frame. From the back, it has wide set taillights and slick tailpipes, and the Paceman lettering etched across the back to give those left behind a nice view. The lengthy frame and stou wheel base adds to the visual appeal as well as the performance. This 180 + horsepower compact has pinwheel handling and can reach top speeds in mere seconds. It’s the perfect MINI. The perfect fun. So go ahead, enjoy.

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